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Listen, record, and learn

My last piece of advice is to listen closely as you run that job for the first time. You’ll be able to hear poor cutting well before you see it. Chatter is generally a result of poor rigidity, and often lowering RPM can reduce it. So, use your machine’s feed and spindle speed overrides to adjust here and there to find the sweet spots.

This blog touched on the most basic of basics when it comes to feeds and speeds; just the first steps along the way to building your own knowledge. Be sure to at a minimum look up the recommended feeds and speeds from your tool manufacturer, and I can’t state enough how valuable it can be to build a relationship with your tools sales representative.

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Theoretical feeds and speeds

Next, let’s get into some of the basic variables and how they relate to each other. Feeds specifically refers to the feed rate the tool advances through the material while speed refers to the surface speed that the cutting edge of the tool is moving and is needed to calculate the spindle RPM.

Feed is generally measured in Inches Per Minute (IPM) and speed is measured in Surface Feet per Minute (SFM). A feed of 10 IPM would drive a tool 10 inches in one minute. If you took an end mill and rolled it along the floor like a tire at 100 SFM it would travel 100 feet in one minute.

These all relate to each other through some relatively basic equations. They can look a little intimidating at first, but knowing how these parameters relate to each other is a good foundation to understanding feeds and speeds.

Equation 1 Speed:

Equation 2 Feed:

Given the above equations, you could calculate the theoretically ideal feed rate and spindle RPM given the surface speed, tool flute count, and desired chip load. This seems a bit counterintuitive, but remember the material and the tool are the only “knowns,” and the starting surface speed is based on the material and the tool material.

If you have “generic” tooling with no suggested cutting parameters, here are some good starting surface speeds to give you a good idea of where to begin:

Imperial Surface Speeds

Metric Surface Speeds

Now that we went through all those equations, the good news is that it’s unlikely that you’ll have to do any of that math by hand. Modern CAM tools like Fusion 360 do all the math for you. You just enter two of the desired parameters and the computer does the rest.

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