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Skoda Rapid car for BeamNG 0.20. Did it for almost a day, the mod is not yet completed and will be updated soon: — The lights work, but there are several jambs; — There are two configurations; — The steering wheel is spinning.

Credits: Hbqmods

Outdated — škoda 742 & series

A thread for my RR Skoda cars produced since the mid 60s until 1990, I’ll try to cover most of the variations as well as ptototypes including all the trims and specialty versions, including some special period correct confiurations with graphics and parts. The mod will go into the depths of variations on the outside just like the inside, be it in the interior or under the hood. From every chrome strip to the last performance engine options.
Will try to follow as close to realism as possible, hence no fake names or over simplifying.


@Atomix — Models and Textures, bits of Jbeam
@Firepower — Majority of Jbeam and N/B structure
@synsol — Help with sounds
@chris_lucas, @MrAngry and others — Testing

Currently Released versions:

130 L/GL ~84 — ~88
Performance sedans from the later production runs of the M bodies featured only in higher trim versions, currently only with the factory 1294cc powerplant and trailing arm rear suspension.


WIP versions:

135/136 L/GL/GLi ~1987 -1990

rest of the all aluminum1.3 performance sedans, including a efi version and more.

105/120/125 S/L/LS/GL/GLS 1976 — 1990

The run of the mill sedans, in all trim levels and optional features from the second half of the RR car production run, featuring the infamous Swing Axle rear suspension and many more.

Garde/Rapid 120/130/135/136 1983 — 1990

Performance coupe’s from the second half of the RR car production run, based off the higher trim performance sedans.

105 SP JZD, 120 L VB,
Speciality versions with unique features.

120 Deluxe Super Estelle, 120 LS Black Arrow, 130 LSport, and other rare and unique export market versions.
Will include RHD variations

Planned versions:

Period race versions of currently WIP model runs. (130LR…)

The rest of the model run. TBA.

— vidya by Veros (@FilsFilms)


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