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Hypercel is a wholesale distributor based in California. They specialize in brand-name mobile phones and accessories such as charges, cases, earbuds and more. Contact them for more information about their services.

Finding laptop wholesalers:

Looking to sell laptops? There are dropshippers for this. Here are some suppliers:

  • Laptop Plaza. Works with manufacturers to distribute new and refurbished laptops and tablets. They offer brands like Apple, HP, Leveno, Acer, DELL and more. Sign up on their website to learn more about their dropshipping program.
  • D&H. Distributes over 75,000 IT and electronic products, such as computers, game consoles, software products and even sports equipment and home improvement tools. Contact them for more information on dropshipping and pricing plans.
  • Novatech. Includes both Apple and PC laptops in its inventory of 50,000 products. Create an account to view specific pricing.

Basic details for listing

ebay listing software DSM Tool
                                      DSM Tool as an eBay listing software

These are necessary details of the listing that you can edit according to your preferences like title, price, product category, and images.

Secondly, this eBay listing software has integrated eBay title optimization. It will give you the options of different keywords you can add to your listing title. The suggestions are based on the search results on eBay. You can add those keywords to the title or replace some of the other keywords that are already there.

Pro Tip: Read more tips with the examples in our post How to write an effective eBay listing title.

In regards to picture optimization, there is an option to create a collage out of the uploaded images. Additionally, your store logo can be automatically added to all listing images.

Call of duty: advanced warfare[edit | edit source]

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Supply Drops are given to the player in different ways, including time played.

It can give out character gear, reinforcements, and weapon variants. Weapon variants are customized weapons that modify the base stats of that weapon. Most weapons have about ten variants (some exceptions are the CEL-3 Cauterizer, the MP40 and STG-44), which change the aesthetics as well as the stats.

Character gear modifies the player’s character and Exoskeleton, similar to Create-A-Soldier. Last, Reinforcements are items, including Perks and Scorestreaks, that are dropped into a multiplayer match at predetermined times by an Orbital Care Package.

Supply Drops are acquired every 45 minutes of in-game gameplay or purchased as Advanced Supply Drops from the in game store. They will be received upon either getting a kill or a death. Some ways are from earning XP, time spent playing, or earning medals.

Supply Drop weapons can appear differently from the base gun, ranging from simple color changes to completely new barrels, iron sights, or other exterior changes to the weapon. However, the only difference in function is reflected by the stat changes.

While some Supply Drops change magazine capacities, total ammunition remains the same (unless there’s a change in the number of magazines available), as well as the maximum reserve ammunition remaining the same.

Call of duty: black ops iii[edit | edit source]

«No guarantees. Slight chance of dropping Rare, Legendary or Epic items.«
— Common Supply Drop In-game description.
«Guaranteed Rare item with increased chance of Legendary and Epic. Guaranteed Weapon or Specialist item. Includes bonus Cryptokeys.«
— Rare Supply Drop In-game description.

Supply Drops return in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They can be acquired through the Black Market feature in Multiplayer only on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

There are two types of supply drops: Common Supply Drops (costing 10 Cryptokeys), and Rare Supply Drops (costing 30 Cryptokeys or 200 COD Points). Supply drops can give out specific camouflages for weapons, Calling Cards, taunts and gestures for specialists, variants of attachments and exclusive weapons (including melee weapons such as Wrench and ranged weapons such as MX Garand).

Most items are cosmetic, though the exclusive weapons have statistical differences to those available through ranking up. Many of the weapons are somehow unique and have a defining feature compared to the conventional weapons, or throwbacks to player favorites in previous Treyarch games.

Weapons obtained from Supply Drops, just like in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, can only be used in online Custom Matches if the player has obtained the weapon from a Supply Drop, and cannot be used in Local multiplayer either until acquiring them in online multiplayer.

As of update 1.04, the player can burn duplicates of items that they already had for a partial refund on cryptokeys.

As of another update, players who own the Season Pass on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One received a ten-pack bundle of Supply Drops, as well as a special Supply Drop which is guaranteed to give the player a Supply Drop-exclusive weapon.

  • Weapons
  • Reticles
  • Camos
  • Specialist Gear
  • Attatchment Variants
  • Decals
  • Emblems
  • Calling Cards
  • Paintshop/Emblem Materials
  • Specialist Taunts
  • Specialist Gestures

The triple play bundle can be purchased with CODPoints, when aquired, the offer grants players a no dupe ranged weapon bribe, no dupe melee bribe and a bundle of 10 rare supply drops. A contract ‘Triple Played’ provides the player with same rewards after getting 100 wins.

The big box bundle contains a 100 pack of rare supply drops at the highest discount price of *75% off. (*Based on the price of a regular rare drop) Only purchasable using CODPoints at a cost of 5000CP.

Added on September 4, 2021 as labor day special for 4000CP, the grand slam contains a 20 no dupe rare supply drop bundle, 20 liquid divinium, 1 three-of-a-kind weapon bribe and a camo bribe containing one of two Dragon’s Breath color variations. (Arcane Fire and Atomic Fire)

A contract with a similar name, the ‘Grand Slammed’ was made available between Sep 4 — 11, 2021 with the requirements of winning 125 games to obtain the reward.

Defining dropshipping

A short explanation of dropshipping for beginners.

The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—to fulfill orders.

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How much do i need to invest to start dropshipping?

Though it’s hard to predict the exact costs for any individual business, there are a few items every dropshipping business will need to spend money on in order to get started. Here’s a quick summary of the essential costs.

Online store

Estimated cost: ~$29/month

You’ll need to find an ecommerce platform in order to create and host your online store. We obviously recommend starting a Shopify store. You’ll be able to effortlessly sync with the Oberlo marketplace to source products, and you’ll get access to our full selection of themes and free branding tools so you can get your business up and running quickly.

Domain name

Estimated cost: $5-20/year

It’s hard to build trust with customers without your own domain name. While there are a number of top-level domains available (e.g.,,, we recommend looking for a .com that fits your brand, if one is available. Use our domain name generator to get started, or learn more about how to come up with a catchy business name.

Test orders

Estimated cost: Varies

Although dropshipping lets you have minimal involvement with handling your overall product catalog, you should set aside money, as well as a little bit of time, to test out the products you plan to sell. If you don’t, you risk listing a product with too many shortcomings or defects, which will result in unhappy customers and a lot of time spent dealing with returns.

Online advertising

Estimated cost: Scales with your business; we recommend budgeting at least $500 to get started

Every ecommerce business should look for ways to reduce their average cost to acquire a customer through organic channels like content marketing, SEO, and word of mouth. But to get started, advertising is usually an essential channel for most product-based businesses. The most common channels include search engine marketing (SEM), display ads, social media ads, and mobile ads.

Steam community :: guide :: scenario creating v: supply drops

Creating your own custom supply drop configuration file is work, granted, but doable.

Each configuration file lists the objects (crates, suits, machines, vehicles, etc.) which it will spawn. Therefore it is neccassary to state what type or category of object you’d like to create and where <i>inside</i> the supply drop you want to create it. Actually, all you have to do is define an offset position (and angle) from the center of the supply drop pod. If you punch in a position that is «outside the box» or in this case, outside of the pod, the object will be spawned outside, as can be seen in the example.cfg file video.

To make life easier on you, I have created a map or rather blueprint you can use to figure out where to put what, to plan the layout and make sure everything is inside. But even with the plan, you will have to reload the scenario and test it out. Hence the work warning at the beginning.

[Screenshot with the plan]

There are several categories of objects you can place inside a supply drop pod. You have to know which category an object belongs to. Each object you placed is defined by a relative offset position inside the pod itself. The supply pod’s controller needs this information to spawn the objects.

Placing inventory items into crates or resources into barrels requires adding a seperate line, one for the container (crate, barrel) and one for the resource or invetory item referencing the container it will be in. I’ll show an example shortly.

The BBLOCK or building block belongs to the category of objects you can print. The 3D printer, crates, resource barrels, etc. are all building blocks. In order to spawn a building block inside the supply drop pod you’ll need following config line:

The path would usually point to something like this:

The config file path that you specify defines what object will be spawned (a small box in this example).

The index is important. Should you decide to place an inventory item into the box, you have to know the index of the container (box) the inventory item will be stored in.

Now mind you, the buggy, that you get fresh out of the printer, is also a building block. Only after an assembly it turns into a vehicle.

Here’s an example taken from the stock 3dprinterdrop.cfg that makes a 3D printer appear:

Yes, you can place vehicles inside the supply drops…if they fit :). It works exactly the same as with building blocks.As with vehicles, you can place characters inside supply drops…how about a MarsZ mod with supply drops filled with space zombies falling down :). Works exactly the same as with the building blocks.Dynamic objects can also be spawned. The values you need to provide are equivalent to those for the building blocks.The «world stored» inventory item is an inventory item (datapad, construction tool, helmet, etc.) that is simply laying around. Works exaxtly the same as with the building block.This category describes inventory items that are stored inside a container, which could be a crate (or a character). To spawn an item like this you need following line:

INVITEM_STORED 0 0 0 «scripts/entities/configs/inventoryitems/suits/heavysuit.cfg»

The entries mean following:

The first number specifies the index of the spawnable object inside the config file. So if you have defined a box that can contain inventory items, and it’s index i 5, you have to supply that number here.

To explain the second number (Inventory Number) I’ll have to take a little detour into the game’s inventory system.
Everything that is able of storing an inventory, like a crate, or the mobile lab, does so by the means of an Inventory object. Now a crate only has one. The mobile lab has several storage places. You can check it out. Just go around the mobile lab and you’ll find several places which you can «open» to store stuff to. Now if you could spawn the mobile lab in the supply pod (which of course you can’t, it’s to big. Actually, it’s to big to make sense, but spawning by opening the supply drop pod hatch, that we can do), the Inventory Number would specify which one of the several storage places you want your inventory item to be placed into. To verify how many inventories a vehicle etc. has, just open it’s config file and look for the INVENTORY entries. The manned mobile lab for example has 8 of them.

The Inventory Slot Number defines which slot the inventory item has to go to. Remember, the first is always 0. The second 1 and the last is always:

To find out how many slots a certain inventory has, locate the config file if the object in question (crate, vehicle, etc.) and look for the INVENTORY_SLOT definition. For example the «Crate 02 bright» has one INVENTORY, and 4 INVENTORY_SLOT. Two of which are «Large» slots and two are «medium».

The path to the object config file defines what it is you want placed. Is it a construction tool or part of a suit?

Just beware, the object has to fit inside of the slot you specify. All inventory items define what slot types (large, medium, small) they can fit in, you should respect that restriction.

Now the resource operates some ways like the INVITEM_STORED:

RESOURCE 0 0 «Methane» 130

The entries mean following:

The first number, here 0 is the index of the object you want the resource to go into. It should be something capable of holding a and that resource. A resource barrel is capable of storing resources, just as is a tank. It is possible that later in the game developement more objects become available (maybe the new life support system?) that can hold resources but only a certain type. You wouldn’t put Methane in your life support, now would you.

The second number specifies which resource index to use. Now for a barrel or tank, it’s always 0, since each of those objects can only contain one type of resource at a time. But the game is actually capable of dealing with building blocks that can store several types of resources (again, the life module…oxygen and nitrogen?). At the time this guide was written, there were no objects like this, so stick with a 0 here.

The resource name is self explanatory, «Water», «Oxygen», «Methane», or whatever resource you deem worthy.

The last is the resource amount. Here you should respect the restrictions of the given container, 130 for a resource barrel for example.

I hope this guid has helped you figuring out how to use supply drops and maybe how to define your own. Have fun with it, and good luck on Mars!



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Finding boutique clothing wholesalers:

Looking to use a boutique dropship supplier to  target customers who are interested in upscale or trendy clothing? There are dropshippers for this. Here are some suppliers:

  • BrandsGateway. A Swedish B2B dropshipper of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more. They offer worldwide shipping and brand names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Armani and more. Visit their dropshipping page for more information on their services.
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